How To Wager


You never have to feel intimidated of saying anything wrong. Just remember these easy hints and steps. Before you go to the window, write down your selections and the amount you want to bet. Have your money or winning ticket in hand, then tell the clerk:

  • The track you want to bet
  • The race you want to bet
  • The dollar amount you want to bet
  • The type of bet you want to place
  • The numbers you have selected

"I would like Mobile Greyhound Park, 4th race, $2.00 Quinella, 1 & 2"

That's all there is to it!

Below are common wagers that we offer:

Types of Winning Wager
Win First
Place First or Second
Show First, Second or Third
Quinella First and Second in any order
Exacta First and Second in exact order
Trifecta First, Second, and Third in exact order
Superfecta First, Second, Third and Fourth in exact order